Add Some Colours to Your Garden: Beautiful Pink Flowers for Summer Garden

Add Some Colours to Your Garden: Beautiful Pink Flowers for Summer Garden

A summer garden without beautiful flower plants seems incomplete. No matter how many types of plants you have in your landscape, flower plants add colours and vibes to that place. They are not only good for your eyes; they are useful in creating a strategic landscaping design for you as well.

However, often the homeowners get confused about what types of flowers they should have in their garden or how to decide seasonable flower plants to add more colour and brightness in the landscape.

Pink flowers are considered as an ideal type for the summer garden. No matter how big or small garden you have, you can always try having these pink flowers at your landscape to give it an alluring and soothing look.

Pink Flowers At Your Summer Garden To Give It An Alluring And Soothing Look.

Pink Roses For Summer Garden

The classic pink roses will never miss amusing you and the visitors as well. You can try and have different hues of pinks while choosing the right kind of rose plant for your garden. It can be sugary pink or deep rich pink. You can have both of them to get a rich and dramatic look and add some depth to your garden.

Pink Gabriel Oak

If you think that your garden is not in a very well-balanced condition or you cannot maintain the area regularly, then choosing pink Gabriel oak can be the best way to add some colour to this place. They can grow even in poor quality soil or in gardens that that has shadier parts.


Self-Seeding Pink Flowers

Most of the beautiful looking self-seeding flowers are pink in colour. You can also pick them up for your garden. Foxgloves can be your choice when you wish to add some depth as well as aesthetical value to your garden. They look fabulous during the summer months.

Pink Irises

In the middle of purple alliums or rich pink roses, you can have pink irises to improve the colour architecture of your garden as well as add some depth to this place. They are beautifully sculptural, and they are easy-to-maintain as well. Hence, you can easily have them in your garden for your summer garden pink flower collection.

Pink Perennials For Summer Garden

Whenever you think about pink perennials, different names pop up in your mind. There can be echinacea, dianthus, bergenias, dahlias, asters, delphiniums and more. Choose the one you would like to see in your garden this summer.

When you have the assistance of the top gardening experts or landscaping companies, you can get complete suggestion from them about choosing the right kind of pink flowers for your summer garden based on the quality of the soil and the condition of the landscape.

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Make The Most Of Your Garden This Winter With These Easy Tips

Why You Need a Landscaping Expert for Your Garden

The primary benefit of having a garden in your house is that you can enjoy it throughout the year. You don’t even have to worry about the harsh and cold weather curbing the appeal of the outdoors if you can hire an experienced gardener. Also if your favourite plant has become dormant, there are various ways you can make the most of it. Just build an outdoor winter garden. And you will have a beautiful place where you can relax and soak some sunlight.

4 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Winter Garden

  • Plant Some Winter Vegetables

If you are one of those people who think that they can’t grow anything in their garden just because the weather has become chilly, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Get in touch with an experienced gardener. They will provide you with a long list of vegetables you can grow in your garden during winter. Brussels, cabbage and kale are few of the plants which taste better after a snowfall.

  • Prune Trees Of Your Garden

Hire professionals offering gardening service to prune the trees and shrubs in your garden during the colder months. The leaves drop in fall, and so the structure of the tree can be easily seen. You can also avoid spreading severe diseases which are active during summer and spring while the plants are growing. Tree surgeons will have more time to take care of large pruning jobs.

  • Use Compost In Garden

One of the primary reasons why gardeners prefer composting in winter. Because compost piles are capable of generating their heat if they are well constructed. You can even prevent it from getting wet by covering it with a tarp. Remember to turn the compost frequently as it allows air to enter easily, and the compost can break down quickly.

  • Plant Some Evergreens

A unique feature of evergreens is that you can grow them throughout the year. They can even improve air quality by filtering dust and pollutants. Though, indeed, trees and shrubs grow well if you can plant them in the fall, winter is the perfect time for evergreens. Not only can you grow conifers like juniper, cedar, pine, fir and holly with ease but they will also adorn your garden during winter.

This is the right time you hire a gardener and follow the tips stated above if you want to make the most of your winter garden.

How to Maintain Your Garden in the Guildford Weather

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Guildford is one of those vibrant and historic county towns in Surrey that are considered as a perfect destination for a night out or a short day trip. The town has many historical heritage sites and picturesque riverside sceneries. The houses in Guildford are as beautiful as a painting. Most of them have gardens, and the homeowners are highly careful about maintaining their garden in the climate of Guildford.


For many homeowners in Guildford, gardening is a passion. They love to spend their leisure time in their beautiful gardens. However, in some cases, they prefer to ask for professional help as well. The experts would help them to maintain their garden in the Guildford weather without any hassle.

What is the Climate in Guildford

Like the rest of the parts of Surrey, Guildford also have a maritime climate which means warm summers and cool winters. Hence, you must know how to take care of your plants during both these seasons.

Taking Care of Plants of Your Garden in Warm Summer Months

Hotter months may bring extreme dryness to your garden. Hence, have enough water supply for your plants. Water the soil deeply so that the roots of your plants get plenty of water during hot summer months. To deal with the dry and hot condition, you need to enhance the quality of your soil too. Ensure that it allows enough water and air to the roots of the plants during the warm days.

Do not water your plants during the day time. The scorching heat will absorb the water, and it will have a negative impact on your plants. Choose the time of early in the morning or in the evening for watering your plants and lawns. You can install an advanced irrigation system for your garden during the summer.

Tree Care

Taking Care of Plants of Your Garden in Cold Winter Months

As per the experts, winter garden care must include pruning to protect the plants. Get rid of the old and dry branches to give ample space for the new lives. Try to keep your plants out of the reach of cold to protect them during the chilly winter. Use layers of mulch and straw beds so that snowflakes cannot harm the lawn.

Choose the plants that can grow without any hassle during the cold winter months. You do not need to put any extra effort into them. They will grow naturally during winter.

Lawinds is one such company located in Surrey. We offer complete gardening care for the local people. From tree care to fencing and from gardening to landscape designing – we are involved in all types of works.