Gardening Guide: How To Protect Your Yard From Severe Weather Damage?

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Do you know extreme weather conditions can impact the performance and health of your garden? Well, rain, storm, wind, hail and lightning can potentially destroy your plants, too. Are you wondering how to guard your garden plants against the high winds, frost, drought or heat? Opting for efficient gardening service in Leatherhead and taking some preventative measures is all you need to do.

Whether your garden gets hit with high winds, a light frost or heavy rainfall, severe conditions can affect your garden. Many homeowners pour their soul, heart, time and hard work into crafting the perfect garden space. So, seeing the sanctuary which you have created getting ruined can be very disheartening. Taking preventative measures is thus essential to protect your garden from destruction. Making the time to take precautionary measures can reduce the damage caused to plants and garden structures.

Here’s all you need to know about safeguarding your garden for severe conditions.

Signs You Need To Seek Gardening Service In Leatherhead For Weather Damage

  1. Scorched Leaves

Did you notice scorch marks or scorched leaves in your plants? If so, it indicates that the plant is using water faster than that’s replenished. Usually, this is noticed during or after heat waves.

  1. Brown Leaves

Browning of leaves is the result of large storms with prolonged rainfall. This causes the soil around roots to get waterlogged, causing the buried roots to rot.

  1. Physical Damage

The easiest kind of weather damage to spot in your garden is quite striking. High winds and storms and uprooting trees are some of the tell-tale signs of damage.

Hard Landscaping

Essential Preventative Measures To Take For Reducing Damage

  • Trim Heavy Flowering Plants

Do you have top-heavy plants in your garden? Ensure you opt for professional gardening service in Leatherhead to trim them back before a storm arrives. Remember; top-heavy flowering plants have the risk of being uprooted.

  • Inspect Shrubs and Trees

Check the roots and branches of trees and shrubs in your yard. Exposed roots and broken branches must be covered. This way, you can protect plants from additional physical damage and reduce the chances of plants being uprooted.

  • Tidy Up

Walk around your garden and collect loose items like garden tools as well as fallen branches. Strong winds can blow debris quite violently and cause damage to windows and walls. So, ensure you store items and debris out of the wind.

3 Last-Minute Tips For Protecting Your Garden

  • Place hanging baskets and potted plants in a garage, shed or conservatory. This will ensure they do not end up in your neighbour’s yard during a storm.
  • Keep your roof gutters clean and lay potted trees on the side in an area which is protected from the crowd.
  • Collect the big plant pots together and then lay potted plants on their side in an area that’s protected from the wind.

So what are you still thinking about? Time to make preparations for protecting your garden! Contact us


4 Ways How Fencing In Weybridge Can Enhance Your Property’s Value

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If you think that fences only help in maintaining your privacy and prevent wild animals from entering your yard, it’s time you think again. Homeowners willing to sell their house can opt for fencing services and attracting potential buyers will become easier as the value of their property enhances. Though there are a wide variety of fences for you to choose from, it is always advisable to install a 4 to 9 feet tall privacy fence as it can make any home more marketable. Just approach a reputed fencing company and they will help you choose the right product for your property.

Fencing Banner

Want To Enhance Your Property’s Value By Installing Fences? Few Easy Tips You Can Follow

  • Understand Its Value

The purpose value and monetary value of a fence differ greatly. Only a homeowner is aware of the monetary value of a fence but not the buyer. Those looking for privacy will prefer properties with a nice fence in the backyard. Opting for fencing services in Weybridge almost becomes a necessity if you have pets or children. Buyers don’t hesitate to buy a home with a higher selling price where a fence has already been installed so that they don’t have to shoulder the responsibility of installing a fence themselves.

  • Choose A Suitable Position

A good fence will not only help in increasing the visual appeal of your property but also your home because of its decorative features. It is advisable to install a tall and strong fence if your home is located in an aesthetically undesirable location. People visiting your house will get to see a beautiful view of the backyard instead of the unpleasant surrounding areas. The impact of a properly installed fence at a suitable location is always bigger than you think.  If you are installing a tall fence, choose the backyard instead of the front yard.

  • Select The Right Material

Just approach an experienced company offering fencing in Weybridge and they will let you choose from a wide variety of fencing materials. Choosing the right material is a must if you want to make it a valuable asset of your property instead of deteriorating its value. Since solid fences are aesthetically pleasing, you can easily expect a higher return on investment by opting for materials like wood, concrete or cast iron. Don’t go for less costly options like chain-link fence as it won’t help in increasing the resale value of your home.

  • Process of Installation

Just choosing the right material and position of your fence isn’t sufficient. The product will have a positive impact on your home’s value if you get the installation done by experienced professionals. Unless a specific level of quality is maintained during the installation, it won’t be capable of withstanding harsh climatic conditions or impact of external elements. A professionally installed fence can retain the value of your home for years.

It’s time to follow the tips stated above and hire experienced fencing contractors if you want to enhance your property’s value.


Why Should Homeowners Always Avail Professional Fencing Services?

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Thinking of installing a fence on your residential property? Great! Fencing is a crucial aspect of every home. But, are you perplexed about the ways to ensure a quality fencing installation? No worries! Seeking reliable fencing services in Guildford from a renowned fencing company is all you need to do. Wondering why you should hire an expert? Keep reading!

Whether you need a visually aesthetic fence or one which stands the test of time, nothing can be more beneficial than seeking the assistance of a fencing company. With their years of experience in installing fences, experts understand the specific requirements of clients and provide fencing services of the highest standard. Moreover, when you hire the right fencing company, you can be assured that the experts will meet all your fencing needs.

Listed below are a few great benefits of hiring a pro to install a new fence.


Key Benefits Of Seeking Professional Fencing Services In Guildford From Experts

  1. Guaranteed Quality

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a well-established fencing company is that they offer a guarantee for premium quality and long-lasting results. This is crucial because you may experience problems both during and after your fencing project. However, when you seek expert services, you will have specialists who will offer the highest quality fencing installation and repairs.

  1. Increases Property Value

Reputed companies offer premium quality fencing, helping you to add value to your house. Fencing contractors are experts at everything they do and will avoid making mistakes which result in frequent replacements and repairs. They will do a thorough fencing installation job which will increase the value and boost the appeal of your property. This is highly beneficial for homeowners planning to sell their house in the future.

  1. Saves Money

For installing a fence, many different tools are needed – some of which are specialised. Fencing experts have access to these tools and can save you from the hustle of buying and renting professional equipment. Hiring a fencing company which specialises in offering professional fencing services in Guildford at affordable rates can thus be beneficial to all.

  1. Avoid Legal Issues

Different areas have fencing laws which govern them. Hiring fencing experts is always advisable since these specialists are familiar with the legal requirements and work in adherence to the regulations. You can thus be assured that your fencing installation complies with the laws.

So, don’t you think seeking the assistance of fencing experts can indeed be beneficial for you? Quickly approach a renowned fencing company and get the best fence for your property!


3 Signs You Need To Hire Fencing Experts For A Fence Replacement

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Landscaping project

Do you think your garden fence is something which will last for a lifetime? Sadly, this is rarely the case. While modern fences can last over a decade, this isn’t true for traditional fencing. Getting your old barrier replaced with high-quality fencing in Kensington can be both aesthetically pleasing as well as functionally practical. Wondering how to know if your fence needs to be replaced? Scroll down below.

While it’s true that fences can last a long time with the correct amount of maintenance and care, eventually they will need replacement. Though regular upkeep of your fence can make a difference for numerous years, there comes a time when you just can’t patch your old fence all over again. Endless maintenance issues can make keeping the barrier in the optimal condition a complete nightmare. It is here that the need to look for a replacement comes.

Here’re a few signs which indicate your fence is in need of replacement.

Fencing In Kensington: Tell-tale Signs You Need A New Fence For Your Home

  1. Rotting Or Decaying

Often, rotting is one of the first signs which indicate that something seriously wrong with your wooden fence. Decaying fences become less attractive and grow weaker with the passage of time. Since preservatives or sealants do not last forever, they need to be reapplied after some time. Leaving the barrier untreated for a long period of time will make it more susceptible to water filtration, leading to quick rotting. Replacing the fence can thus be a more informed decision.

  1. Colour Fading

Has your fence which was once visually aesthetic and bright turned into an ugly shade of grey? Consider it as an indication of the need for installing durable fencing in Kensington. While there are main causes of discolouration, sun exposure and rust are the main causes of discolouration and are effective especially on barriers which haven’t been preserved or stained.

Though you may think of treating the fence to slow down the discolouring, it’s unlikely to turn back time. Calling a fencing expert for fence replacement is thus necessary.

  1. Missing Or Loose Fasteners

Fences are held together with a combination of wood screws, nails and firm metal fasteners which are designed to keep the panels and boards in place. As time and nature take their toll, the screws, fasteners and the nail bolts will become loose and fall out entirely. This can be a result of water damage where the fasteners expand, swell and then become structurally weaker, thus losing the grip of the fasteners.

When inspecting your barrier, you must check if the screws and nails are placed regularly and that there aren’t holes where nails are missing. And, when you find loose or missing fasteners, you must consider seeking professional fencing services.

Now that you are aware of the signs to be wary of, what are you still here for? Quickly approach leading fencing experts and start benefiting from their exemplary solutions!