The MDL Mega splitter 37Ton packs a massive splitting punch, complete with a 2 or a 4 way splitting head, towable with a 15hp Petrol mounted engine. Two handled controls for safety operation. The 37Ton splitter uses a bigger ram which has a larger volume of oil therefore splits larger logs. This machine has a table to catch the split logs along side a hydraulic log lift to pull up those large log that are simple to heavy to lift. No need for straining your back with this new machine!

Available with a Petrol or Diesel engine.


Key Features
Stand size Tow Hitch
Slip-On 4-Way head Included
No matter what you put in front of this machine it will split it!

This machine can be shown working at our premises if required and video’s can be sent at request!

An amazing machine backed up with comprehensive 12 months warranty and money back guarantee if you don’t like the machine!


Engine – 15HP Petrol Engine / 13HP Diesel  Engine
Maximum Splitting Force – 37 Tons
Total Weight / Dimensions – 465KG/485KG. 287cm X 177cm X 122cm
Splitting – 2 and 4 Way Split
Maximum Splitting Length – 75 cm
Hydraulic oil – 50L
Oil cylinder diameter – 5 inch with 88.9mm piston rod
Travel time – 9 seconds
Pump – 22 GPM

Rock 2018 13hp Original Stump Grinder


2018 Rock Original Stump Grinder

With this simple yet effective design, this compact stump grinder is perfect for those hard to reach stumps that big grinders just cant get to and with its powerful 13hp Briggs and stratton engine you can make those back garden stumps a thing of the past.
Easily moved and carry-able this grinder is perfect for gardens, paths and small places.
Carry handles on each side of the grinder makes for easy loading without the need of ramps
Easy lock wheel system thats locks one wheel and allows the other to move freely makes it easier to swing the grinder.
For 2018 we have improved the throttle system and added an electric start
This machine comes with a years parts warranty and a briggs and Stratton warranty


13hp powerful briggs and stratton engine with electric start
Grind upto 10″ below ground level
Heavy duty commercial cluth drive system
12 cutters with tungsten carbide tips
Package size: 44.5″x32.68″x29.92″/113x83x76cm
G.w.: 275.33lb/125kgs
N.w.: 220.26lb/1ookgs

Predator P50RX

The Predator 50RX is without a doubt the most versatile stump grinder available. It is the only large, 50 HP machine on the market that can get in anywhere.

Its variable width track base travels from 790mm to 1170mm at the touch of a button, allowing a big machine to fit through a gateway narrower than three feet with ease.

As standard, a high performance, incredibly compact, powerful and great looking radio controlled stump grinder. Using the fully proportional, highly accurate and incredibly reliable Scanreco G2B radio control system. This is commonly found on cranes, it allows the operator to have the feel and control of a hydraulic lever, whilst having the flexibility and vision of a remote operator.

Like all Predator grinders, the P50RX comes as standard with the Multi-Tip cutter wheel, which just like the rest of the models, has two leading teeth, each with four cutter tips that can be changed in under a minute. This combination allows you to get maximum performance from a smaller machine and really makes the job easier. Click here for more information on the Multi-Tip cutter wheel.

Whatever your requirements, a machine that can cut effortlessly to a depth of 380mm with a swing of 1500mm, fit through such a narrow gap, doesn’t have a belt or clutch in sight, looks as good and works as well, the Predator 50RX has got to be worth checking out…


  • Variable track drive 790mm – 1170mm width
  • Remote control operated
  • Powered by 50HP Hatz diesel engine
  • 380mm cutting depth
  • Ability to track around narrow and tight corners
  • Very compact – a big machine in a small package
  • Fitted with 8 x Multi-Tip cutter wheel – change teeth in less than one minute
  • Constructed of heavy duty materials, standard off the shelf parts


Engine Hatz 50HP
Length 2740mm
Width 790 – 1170mm
Height 1450mm
Weight 1500kg
Fuel Diesel 30L
Cutting Depth 380mm
Cutting Height 600mm
Swing 1500mm
Wheel 560mm Multi-Tip
Teeth 8 x Multi Tip
Start Electric