How to Use Your Garden as a Brilliant Extension of Your Home

According to the modern landscaping experts, your garden area should not be meant to stand outside the house as a different space than your house. Instead of that; they prefer to make your garden as an extension of your home, which you can use as per your desire and need.

Making your garden feel like another room or an extension of the main building is not easy. You need the expertise of the highly talented professionals to get such an amazing garden extension in your property.


How to Include Your Garden into Your Home as an Extension with landscaping experts

Build the Extension

The first and obvious step is making an extension of the house that will go literary into your garden area. It can be a simple lean-to structure or a conservatory which you can use as a garden extension to feel the garden inside the house. The top-class landscaping experts will make it possible for you. They will suggest the design ideas which will help you to transform your garden into another room of your house.

Have an Outdoor Dining Area

Having an outdoor dining area will be an easy and cost-effective option of using your garden as a part of your house. Set a dining table at a certain part of the garden and have some other accessories like BBQ oven, a concrete kitchen island or a washbasin. If needed, then you can build a cover for this space which will give it a perfect appearance of a garden dining area.

Have a Lovely Sitting Arrangement

Forget about those boring indoor living rooms with traditional sofas. Build an exterior living space in the garden with some boho-looking furniture, cushions, rugs and mattresses. This small sitting space can be your best corner in the house. You can sit alone right there and read a book while enjoying your coffee or your kids can enjoy their storytime with their grandparents in this cosy space somewhere in your garden. Space can be used as a lovely area to have a small house party as well.

Get Floored

Choose a certain part of the garden; preferably the part which is connected to the house, and get it floored. The addition of floor in this outdoor area will give you a feeling of having more extended space.Use the same material, style and colour for the floor of this part of your property that you have already used inside the house. Then, you can put a table with two chairs right there or have a hammock to make this place a nice and cosy extension of your home.

The options are endless. All you need is the support and expertise of the best landscaping experts. At Lawinds, we provide you with brilliant gardening and landscaping ideas.

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