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January is the perfect time to keep the garden trim and tidy. Start the preparation for the rest of the year to set your yard at its beautiful best. In January, the outdoors gets cold, but there are plenty of gardening service jobs waiting for you in the garden. Here is a short discussion on the principal functions to be undertaken to maintain the health and well being of your garden.

Gardening Services

Top Gardening Priorities for Your Garden Based on the Nature of the Crop it Bears

General Responsibilities of a Gardener

  • Make the most of the New Year spirit by putting fresh pots, setting the tools, greenhouses and water in the right order.
  • Schedule the priorities about your garden for the next few months. It would help if you decided on how you want to see your garden. Then to order for the seeds and plants to be put in.
  • Have a look if the winter arrangement and maintenance schedule set by you is working well for your garden or not. Check thoroughly and decide on the amendments. However, it would help if you planned to protect your garden from adverse weather conditions.
  • Tend the wildlife thriving in your garden. Keep feeding the birds and leave some area in your garden for the ones who have taken shelter till spring.

Responsibilities for the Flower Gardening

  • January is the right time to care for your valuable roses as they continue to be dormant. Remove the dead branches or any crossing in the bushes and cut back immediately above the bud.
  • Cut the ornamental grasses if you have them in your garden. Clip the old foliage from them as they have started growing again. It is wise to cut back at about a few centimetres above the ground.
  • Remove the old leaves as it will make the upcoming Spring bloom.
  • Make the perennials tidier by cutting the old stems and be careful about the new growth if there is any.
  • If you have pansies in your garden, then be careful about removing the faded flowers to prevent them from setting seeds.
  • Trim the older and diseased stems of Willows, especially the brightly coloured varieties. All remove some of the stems if they seem to be overcrowded.

Looking after the Vegetable Gardening

  • If you have potatoes growing in the garden, then protect the grow bags with fleece meant for horticulture purpose in case your greenhouse doesn’t have the heating facility.
  • January is the perfect time to harvest leeks and parsnips.
  • Remove the yellowing leaves as they might welcome diseases and pests.
  • If you have planned to grow peas, then start taking the preparation. January will be the right time to put a cloche over the soil so that the soil gets warmed up for the sowing of seeds in a few weeks.

A Few More Things to Look after

  • Remove the weeds lurking here and there.
  • Remove the snow from the greenhouse as heavy snow can damage the glasses.
  • Shred the Christmas tree and put it to the compost bins.
  • Remove the heavy snow from the conifers and the hedges as the branches might get snapped under the considerable weight.
  • If you have some indoor plants, then keep them hydrated as they might dry up due to constant exposure to the central heating system running at home. Mist them regularly and make them stand on trays filled with water and pebbles.

If you are careful gardener to look after these small details, then your garden will be in safe and sound health during the hard winter days. You can even assign the maintenance job to a responsible and efficient garden service provider like Lawinds and be at absolute ease.


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