A Step-by-Step Guide to Make Your Garden Winter Ready

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Winter is already in full swing, Christmas is gone and New Year has arrived. It will help if you are done with all the garden décor ideas. Still, it is never too late and here is a brief overview of the different steps to prepare your garden to face the cold shoulder of winter. This guide on garden service in Reigate will offer you a step-by-step approach to make the necessary preparation. If it is too late to implement them this year then at least you will find it easier to tend your garden in a better way the next winter.

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A Step-by-Step Approach to Make Your Garden Smile Even When it is Winter in the Backdrop

Wrap Up The Garden Maintenance Schedule At A Happy Note

As winter is just around the corner and it is due in a week or two, then invest some quality time to run the yearly garden maintenance regime.

Dispose Of The Compost Bin

You will possibly find a lot in your compost bin, spread all of it over the garden to ensure that the soil remains protected.

Take Good Care Of The Perennial Plants

So far, the garden scene was vibrant, colourful, and lively with the blooming plants.  The dazzle will be soon gone, and if you don’t nurture them with care, they won’t survive. So, dig them all, add them to the compost and make room for the winter plants.

Take care Of The Plants That Have Already Started Showing Signs Of Rotting

Many a time you plant a perennial plant, and it remains with you for a long time. Soon you start believing that it is a permanent member in your garden. The viewpoint changes as the plant start rotting. Even after adding fertilizers, changing soil if the plant does not revive then be sure that it’s time to replace it.

Collect All The Falling Leaves And Keep The Borders Of Your Garden Clear

Autumn is referred to as fall as it is the season of falling leaves. They form a picturesque setting and scenery to indulge in a long walk and take an early evening tea. As winter is on its way, rake them up and add them in the compost.

Begin Preparation For Spring

Once, you have completed all the mentioned steps; your basics are done. Do not have a laid back attitude and do away with the initiative. Better you start preparing for the next season – Spring.

Apply Fertilizers In The Lawn

If you have already applied the compost in the garden, then it is excellent. The next step would be adding fertilizer, and it will add up nutrient to the sprawling green. You can take the advice of a professional regarding the perfect fertilizer for your lawn.

Keep The Young Plants Safe

The hard, cold winter can have a destructive effect on young plants. So, it would help if you will take some action to protect them.  Wrap them in polythene to keep them safe during the wet weather and guard them with a wire netting structure to keep away the wind from harming them.

Plant The Bulbs In The Fall

Some of the best flowering plants of spring can be grown by planting the bulbs. It is essential to plant them in fall. So, pay a visit to the garden centre and pick the saplings based on the colours and the types you like.  Burying them at depth, 2-3 times their size is a rule of thumb. Nurture them well, and by spring you will have a garden brimming with joy.

If you are busy, then the best option for you will be availing professional support. Lawinds is one of the best landscaping service providers in Reigate. You can completely trust them for any requirement of garden service in Reigate. They will ensure you with a welcome respite to joyfully admire the beauty of your garden.


Gardening Guide: How To Protect Your Yard From Severe Weather Damage?

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Do you know extreme weather conditions can impact the performance and health of your garden? Well, rain, storm, wind, hail and lightning can potentially destroy your plants, too. Are you wondering how to guard your garden plants against the high winds, frost, drought or heat? Opting for efficient gardening service in Leatherhead and taking some preventative measures is all you need to do.

Whether your garden gets hit with high winds, a light frost or heavy rainfall, severe conditions can affect your garden. Many homeowners pour their soul, heart, time and hard work into crafting the perfect garden space. So, seeing the sanctuary which you have created getting ruined can be very disheartening. Taking preventative measures is thus essential to protect your garden from destruction. Making the time to take precautionary measures can reduce the damage caused to plants and garden structures.

Here’s all you need to know about safeguarding your garden for severe conditions.

Signs You Need To Seek Gardening Service In Leatherhead For Weather Damage

  1. Scorched Leaves

Did you notice scorch marks or scorched leaves in your plants? If so, it indicates that the plant is using water faster than that’s replenished. Usually, this is noticed during or after heat waves.

  1. Brown Leaves

Browning of leaves is the result of large storms with prolonged rainfall. This causes the soil around roots to get waterlogged, causing the buried roots to rot.

  1. Physical Damage

The easiest kind of weather damage to spot in your garden is quite striking. High winds and storms and uprooting trees are some of the tell-tale signs of damage.

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Essential Preventative Measures To Take For Reducing Damage

  • Trim Heavy Flowering Plants

Do you have top-heavy plants in your garden? Ensure you opt for professional gardening service in Leatherhead to trim them back before a storm arrives. Remember; top-heavy flowering plants have the risk of being uprooted.

  • Inspect Shrubs and Trees

Check the roots and branches of trees and shrubs in your yard. Exposed roots and broken branches must be covered. This way, you can protect plants from additional physical damage and reduce the chances of plants being uprooted.

  • Tidy Up

Walk around your garden and collect loose items like garden tools as well as fallen branches. Strong winds can blow debris quite violently and cause damage to windows and walls. So, ensure you store items and debris out of the wind.

3 Last-Minute Tips For Protecting Your Garden

  • Place hanging baskets and potted plants in a garage, shed or conservatory. This will ensure they do not end up in your neighbour’s yard during a storm.
  • Keep your roof gutters clean and lay potted trees on the side in an area which is protected from the crowd.
  • Collect the big plant pots together and then lay potted plants on their side in an area that’s protected from the wind.

So what are you still thinking about? Time to make preparations for protecting your garden! Contact us https://www.lawinds.co.uk/contact-us/


Seek The Best Gardening Service To Get A Striking Winter Paradise

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With the winter season just around the corner, you must be having numerous tasks at hand. You need to store away the lighter clothes, change your car’s tires and write down a Christmas shopping list. But, aren’t you forgetting you something significant? Look through your window. Yes, you have to seek a professional gardening service in Banstead for your yard.

Garden maintenance in the chilly months often sounds like an unpleasant experience for the average homeowner. The weather during this time of the year becomes quite unpredictable and unwelcoming. However, that shouldn’t stop you from taking adequate care of your green space. You should hire a specialist to look after your garden throughout the winter season. Experienced gardeners can do a lot of work during the cold months to prepare your yard for the following months.

Here’s everything you need to know about winter garden maintenance.

Gardening project

Seeking Professional Gardening Service In Banstead For Winter Gardening

Winter is an exciting and incredibly busy time for most gardeners. It is that time of the year when you need to reflect, prepare and consolidate for the warmer months ahead.

You need to have a clear plan so that you know what you wish to achieve. Having a definite goal in mind will even help you stay focused. And, to come up with a good plan, consider asking yourself questions like-

  • How do you picture spending time in the yard next summer?
  • What did you especially enjoy about your garden in the last one year?
  • How much garden maintenance do you want?
  • Is there anything you would like to keep or change next year?

The answers will give you a clear idea of what you should focus on in the winter season. Accordingly, you will be able to prepare for the warm weather in the upcoming months. Remember; winter maintenance is essential for every garden.

Winter Gardening: Flowers And Vegetables

Generally, there are a few winter activities which you should do to ensure your yard does well. These include-

  • Applying lawn seeds
  • Planting bulbs
  • Harvesting and caring for winter plants
  • Digging up and moving dormant plants

With proper garden maintenance, you can get numerous veggies from your winter garden. Some of these include-

  • Spinach
  • Onions
  • Peas
  • Garlic
  • Asparagus
  • Carrots and leeks
  • Broad beans

If you are on the lookout for something more attractive, you can choose beautiful winter flowers like-

  • Crocus
  • Wallflower
  • Primrose
  • Daffodils
  • Pansies
  • Winter Jasmine
  • Mahonia

Why Hire Pros To Manage Your Garden?

Quickly find a renowned professional and start benefiting from his services!


Get The Best Gardening Service With These Garden Design Ideas

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Even if you spend a majority of your time indoors, the importance of good garden design can never be neglected. Unless you have prior experience in landscaping, get in touch with a company offering gardening service. They know how to make the outdoors relaxing and rejuvenating without punching a hole in your pocket. Two primary benefits of opting for gardening service are they help in boosting its curb appeal and generate positive feelings. Choose the right garden design and you can stay assured that its visual appeal and functionality will stay intact for years to come. If your primary focus is on transforming your outdoor space, choose from the garden designs stated below.

Best Gardening Service - Soft Landscaping

5 Best Gardening Service Tips Should Definitely Follow For Garden Design

  • Shape The Lawn

The most prominent shape you will see every time you look out of your window is the lawn. A strong shape can set your garden on the right track. This does not necessarily mean that you have to opt for the traditional rectangular lawns. The square, circle, oblong and oval shapes are also gradually gaining popularity. Opt for a perfect cut with lawn edges and small-leafed hedges.

  • Pay Attention To The Flowerbeds

The size of the border is a primary thing to consider as you need to ensure that there is adequate space to put tall trees at the back and small plants at the front. If there is not sufficient space to opt for a one-metre deep flowerbed, plant some climbers at the back of the border. Gardeners generally ask their clients to place some evergreen climbing plants like clematis as it makes the display more colourful and beautiful.

  • Set The Right Tone

If you want a strong design direction for your garden, choose the colour of the paving wisely and get it laid by a professional. Lay some white and grey stone in a random pattern and achieving a French country look will become easier. You can create a sleek and modern scheme by opting for silver and black paving and organising them in a regular manner.

  • Blend The Paving With The Plants

You can get the garden of our dreams only if the professional you have hired for gardening service in Guildford pay attention to details. The primary benefit of coordinating the plants and paving in your garden is that it helps in creating a beautiful scheme. Coordinate white and purple blooms with white or grey stones. The beauty of black and silver paving enhances drastically when blooms of strong colours are used.

  • Consider The Seating Space

If you are planning to place a table in your garden, ensure there is adequate room around the table so that everyone can sit comfortably. The chairs should not hit the plants or other landscaping elements when they pull it out. There should be enough room for people to walk around the table even when others are seated.

Time to follow the tips stated above and getting the best garden design will definitely become easier.


Why Seek Professional Gardening Service During Autumn Season?

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Autumn is officially here in the UK! With fiery leaves beginning to litter the ground, there’s something exceptional in the air. But, autumn can be a very tricky time for the garden. You are wondering how to keep your garden beautiful and safe? Well, you need to seek professional gardening service in Kingswood during this time of the year.

Taking care of your yard goes much beyond than mowing the lawn and planting flowers. Many property owners enlist the help of skilled landscapers in summer and spring to keep their garden thriving. However, what many do not realise is that employing expert gardeners is essential even in autumn and winter. Hiring efficient gardeners is vital to ensure all your gardening needs are handled well.

Read on to check out why you must consider hiring a gardener during this season.


5 Reasons Seeking Professional Gardening Service In Kingswood Is Important In Autumn

  1. Professional Gardening Service Protects Your Property

Having a skilled gardener attend to your yard throughout the autumn and winter can be a great idea. Since leaves fall off the trees during this time, you need to ensure no damage is caused to your lawn. Not only will the experts remove the fallen leaves, but also make sure no cost goes unobserved. This will keep your property well-protected and running smoothly.

  1. Tree Pruning In Professional Gardening Service

Another primary reason to hire knowledgeable gardeners is to prune your trees. With leaves falling off the trees, the gardener will have a better sight of the trees’ structures. It is the ideal time for gardeners to prune your trees since they will be able to work faster. Pruning trees is more natural during autumn, and so you will find it affordable to seek tree pruning services.

  1. Ensure Customers’ Safety At Your Business Site

Business owners should seek reliable gardening service in Kingswood in autumn for ensuring their continued success. Professional ice and snow removal can save business owners from the nightmare of customers slipping and falling on their premises. Expert gardeners can provide your business premise is safe from preventable risks. By using special equipment for your bespoke needs, they will offer value for money services.

  1. Renovates Your Lawn

Do you know that autumn and winter are the ideal time for laying and renovating new lawns? Even though you might be surprised to learn, renovating your garden this time of the year is very beneficial. Putting a new park at the end of the year can allow for the best start to the following year. This is because; in the winter season, nature provides seeds with enough water for promoting germination.

Professional Gardening Service

  1. Easy Snow & Ice Removal

This is another great benefit of hiring a reputed gardener. In the chilly winter months, your house can get engulfed in layers of slippery ice or snow. Hiring a skilled gardener is essential to prevent your garden from such hazards. Apart from removing ice and snow from the yard, they will also clear your walkway and driveway.

Time to hire an experienced gardener and keep your garden protected!


Seek Expert Gardening Service To Make The Most Of Your Landscape

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Do you wish to have an outdoor space which makes a positive first impression on guests visiting you? Are you planning a garden makeover? Opting for professional gardening service in Leatherhead can be the key to creating the perfect outdoor space. Hiring gardeners means your garden remains at the best condition throughout the year with minimal efforts from your side.

A stunning house with a beautiful garden looks can enhance the appeal of your property, but with well-maintained plants. And, this requires the expertise and technical skill of gardeners. By using their extensive knowledge and vast experience, professionals can create the perfect outdoor space for you. However, the real challenge lies in discovering a potential gardener who can cater to the quality and type of services you are seeking.

Here’s all you need to know about gardening services.


Type Of Gardening Service In Leatherhead You Can Benefit From

The best gardening companies specialise in offering a wide range of services. Most gardeners help customers with a wide range of services like-

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Shrub & Tree Removal
  • Edge Trimming
  • Pest Treatment
  • Mulching
  • Minor Landscaping Work

Besides, gardeners can even create a customised maintenance program as per the needs of your garden. They will also let you know the kind of services your landscape requires and at what time. For instance, once the expert trims plants, he will schedule the next visit for trimming as per your plant’s growth.

How To Find The Best Gardener?

  • Know Your Priorities

It is no easy work to have the landscape of your dreams. There are numerous things which need to be done for maintaining and taking care of your space. So, you must prepare a list of priorities which you want for your yard. From regular weed control and fertilising to stump removal, this can be anything.

  • Check Experience, Competence & Skill

Considering the competence, skills and qualification is essential before choosing any company. Ensure the gardener you are hiring specialises in using equipment which is vital for garden maintenance.

  • Explore The Services Offered

Renowned gardening companies offer many landscaping services. The chances are that you may require all or only a few based on your garden. So, you should check the services which they offer and then choose the essential ones appropriately.

Why Hire Skilled Gardening Professionals?

In spite of the many benefits of professional gardening services in Leatherhead, many homeowners aren’t sure whether they should hire gardeners. However, if you aim to create a one-of-a-kind garden which stays healthy, seeking the services of experts is essential. Opting for gardening services even saves your time and allows you to focus on other crucial aspects of life. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy an incredible garden which you wanted to treasure always.

Time to hire a skilled gardener and beautify your outdoor space!


What Impact Does Professional Gardening Service Have On Your House?

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Do you know proper garden maintenance can provide much more than just adding beauty to your landscape? Well, homeowners who have beautiful yards tend to be very pleased with the house they are living in. Seeking reliable gardening service in Oxshott can have a huge impact on you and your property. Wondering what are the impacts of gardening services? Read on.
Owning a yard which looks healthy and spectacular can make a big impact not only on the property, but also on the individual’s life. Garden upkeep is generally a challenging task, especially for homeowners who have a hectic lifestyle or disinterest in gardening. Seeking the assistance of skilled gardeners is thus necessary to keep the yard well-maintained and thriving. Moreover, when you seek landscaping services, it adds to the value and decor of your house.
Here’s how gardening services can significantly your house.

Garden Service

4 Ways Professional Gardening Service In Oxshott Can Impact Your Property

1. Increases The Value Of Your Property

Think if you want to sell your property. If yes, having a stunning garden is amongst the most crucial steps to achieving success. Hiring a landscaping service will help you make sure that the garden looks as beautiful as possible. If a property’s front and the back garden looks great, it can dramatically boost the value of your home. If the house looks inviting, potential buyers will be more likely to purchase it.

2. Helps You Experience More Freedom

Hiring skilled gardeners will not only assist you to live comfortably without any tension, but also be a freeing experience for you. Maintaining the garden all by yourself means that you will have to spend several hours every month for keeping the yard looking the way they want it to. On the other hand, deciding to hire a landscaper will allow homeowners to use the hours they have spent on garden maintenance somewhere else.

3. Eliminates The Stress

A major reason to hire a landscaping company which specialises in gardening service in Oxshott is that they can help you have a beautiful garden without any stress. Stress is an unavoidable element of everyday life. However, when it comes to gardening, you needn’t be concerned. Efficient gardeners can not only make your rear and front yard look marvellous, but also take away the stress which comes with maintaining a yard on your own.

4. A Sensible, Smart Choice

Seeking the assistance of expert gardeners is a win-win situation for every party involved. Specialists are very accomplished and have a wealth of experience in their job. Since they are very professional in their approach, you can be assured that they will complete the job on-time and within budget. What makes seeking efficient gardening services a more sensible choice than DIY is that experts have the right tools to offer high-quality work.
Time to hire a reputed gardening company!


Design Your Residential Garden With These Landscape Principles

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Though designing the garden in your house looks quite simple, it is actually not so. There are numerous things you need to consider if you want to craft a landscape design like a professional. The best you can do is to get in touch with a renowned company in Cobham offering gardening services at competitive prices. Not only do they have years of experience in the industry but are also aware of the latest landscape design principles. If you think that these rules and guidelines are quite fussy and will prevent you from transforming your dream garden into a reality, it’s high time you debunk the myth.

Hard Landscaping

4 Landscape Principles Followed By Professionals Offering Gardening Service In Cobham

  • Know The Law Of Enclosure

A garden is not just a place filled with flowers and shrubs but rather an enclosure. This is why obeying the law of enclosure is a rule. Homeowners feel a sense of protection and embraced by nature. It is easier to feel enclosed when the length of the horizontal space is three times the length of the vertical edge. If you are designing a patio which you want to separate from a nearby play area, the first thing you need to do is determine the height of the hedge.

  • Understand The Concept Of Regulating Line

The concept of regulating line is a vital designing feature. It states that an architectural element like the building edge, doorway or window mullion and a distinct landscape feature like the existing pool, prominent tree and a property boundary can create an imaginary line connecting and organising the design. Professionals designing landscapes often align the wooden walkway with the swimming pool which helps in creating a sense of continuity.

  • Pay Importance To The Size

Every professional offering gardening service in Cobham try to follow the scale and sculpting rule as it makes the designing process easy. Though you can try a DIY, only a professional can determine whether the staircase will be narrow or wide, the pool will be long or short and whether the pergola will be high or low. The height of the arbour should allow the foliage to interweave.

  • Get The Right Proportions

The easiest way to get the proportions of your garden right is by using the golden rectangle rule. This is one of the rules which help the professionals to refine designs by creating a sense of order and balance. You will be surprised to know that it is mandatory for landscape architects to learn math so that they can utilise this rule. The Golden Rectangle Rule is often used to lay out patios, lawns, terraces and arbours. The visual appeal of a structure with a rectangular proportion can never be denied.

These being said, it’s time you follow the landscape designing principles stated above and you can also create a well-designed garden liked by all.


What Are The Uses Of Contemporary Garden Studios In Your Lawn?

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Do you wish to make the most of your garden space? Thinking of getting a garden studio erected in your back yard? Installing garden studios in Guildford can be the key to increase the aesthetics as well as the value of your house. Wondering why you should have a studio of your own? Well, a garden studio can be used for a range of purposes.

Over the last few years, the popularity of garden studios has increased significantly. Today, these studios have become a common addition to gardens of all sizes. Owing to their great versatility, they can be custom built to meet the exact needs of individuals. Be it your need for a workspace, playroom or an entertainment area, having a studio can offer you unrivalled space. What’s more, garden studios offer excellent expansion opportunities to every homeowner.

Garden studio

Here’re the top uses of a garden studio.

4 Amazing Uses Of Garden Studios In Guildford Every Homeowner Must Know

  1. Home Office

More and more people prefer working from home to cut time spent in commuting and increasing the time they have for family and garden studios help you have that. And, with most people wanting to work from home, garden studios have become a popular home office solution.

While it’s true that home offices are nothing new, the option of having a studio built means that homeowners no longer have to sacrifice one of the rooms in the home. Moreover, using a dedicated space as a home office allows you to have separate home and work locations which can help reduce stress and boost productivity.

  1. Relaxation Room

There’s nothing more satisfying than relaxing after a hectic day at work. Having a place to go when you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of monotonous life is always nice. Installing modern garden studios in Guildford can offer you a cosy place to relax, thus allowing you to relax and retreat to your own purpose-built area. What makes having such a place more beneficial is that they can be designed in whichever way you like.

  1. Entertainment Area

One of the biggest benefits of having a garden studio is that they can be built for almost every purpose. If you are someone who enjoys having friends over your house and love entertaining them regularly, building a studio with a bar area in your yard can be the perfect answer. From opening up the studio and serving chilled drinks from the bar to putting on a movie for you and your gang on a wintry evening, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Playroom

Just like home offices, even playrooms for children tend to take over rooms in a family house. This is restrictive especially if you have a number of children or your house is small. While it’s true that there are numerous storage solutions which you can choose, there’s nothing more beneficial than having a designated space which you can use as a purposely-built playroom for your children.

Time to your own garden studio!


4 Ways How Fencing In Weybridge Can Enhance Your Property’s Value

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If you think that fences only help in maintaining your privacy and prevent wild animals from entering your yard, it’s time you think again. Homeowners willing to sell their house can opt for fencing services and attracting potential buyers will become easier as the value of their property enhances. Though there are a wide variety of fences for you to choose from, it is always advisable to install a 4 to 9 feet tall privacy fence as it can make any home more marketable. Just approach a reputed fencing company and they will help you choose the right product for your property.

Fencing Banner

Want To Enhance Your Property’s Value By Installing Fences? Few Easy Tips You Can Follow

  • Understand Its Value

The purpose value and monetary value of a fence differ greatly. Only a homeowner is aware of the monetary value of a fence but not the buyer. Those looking for privacy will prefer properties with a nice fence in the backyard. Opting for fencing services in Weybridge almost becomes a necessity if you have pets or children. Buyers don’t hesitate to buy a home with a higher selling price where a fence has already been installed so that they don’t have to shoulder the responsibility of installing a fence themselves.

  • Choose A Suitable Position

A good fence will not only help in increasing the visual appeal of your property but also your home because of its decorative features. It is advisable to install a tall and strong fence if your home is located in an aesthetically undesirable location. People visiting your house will get to see a beautiful view of the backyard instead of the unpleasant surrounding areas. The impact of a properly installed fence at a suitable location is always bigger than you think.  If you are installing a tall fence, choose the backyard instead of the front yard.

  • Select The Right Material

Just approach an experienced company offering fencing in Weybridge and they will let you choose from a wide variety of fencing materials. Choosing the right material is a must if you want to make it a valuable asset of your property instead of deteriorating its value. Since solid fences are aesthetically pleasing, you can easily expect a higher return on investment by opting for materials like wood, concrete or cast iron. Don’t go for less costly options like chain-link fence as it won’t help in increasing the resale value of your home.

  • Process of Installation

Just choosing the right material and position of your fence isn’t sufficient. The product will have a positive impact on your home’s value if you get the installation done by experienced professionals. Unless a specific level of quality is maintained during the installation, it won’t be capable of withstanding harsh climatic conditions or impact of external elements. A professionally installed fence can retain the value of your home for years.

It’s time to follow the tips stated above and hire experienced fencing contractors if you want to enhance your property’s value.