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Winter is already in full swing, Christmas is gone and New Year has arrived. It will help if you are done with all the garden décor ideas. Still, it is never too late and here is a brief overview of the different steps to prepare your garden to face the cold shoulder of winter. This guide on garden service in Reigate will offer you a step-by-step approach to make the necessary preparation. If it is too late to implement them this year then at least you will find it easier to tend your garden in a better way the next winter.

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A Step-by-Step Approach to Make Your Garden Smile Even When it is Winter in the Backdrop

Wrap Up The Garden Maintenance Schedule At A Happy Note

As winter is just around the corner and it is due in a week or two, then invest some quality time to run the yearly garden maintenance regime.

Dispose Of The Compost Bin

You will possibly find a lot in your compost bin, spread all of it over the garden to ensure that the soil remains protected.

Take Good Care Of The Perennial Plants

So far, the garden scene was vibrant, colourful, and lively with the blooming plants.  The dazzle will be soon gone, and if you don’t nurture them with care, they won’t survive. So, dig them all, add them to the compost and make room for the winter plants.

Take care Of The Plants That Have Already Started Showing Signs Of Rotting

Many a time you plant a perennial plant, and it remains with you for a long time. Soon you start believing that it is a permanent member in your garden. The viewpoint changes as the plant start rotting. Even after adding fertilizers, changing soil if the plant does not revive then be sure that it’s time to replace it.

Collect All The Falling Leaves And Keep The Borders Of Your Garden Clear

Autumn is referred to as fall as it is the season of falling leaves. They form a picturesque setting and scenery to indulge in a long walk and take an early evening tea. As winter is on its way, rake them up and add them in the compost.

Begin Preparation For Spring

Once, you have completed all the mentioned steps; your basics are done. Do not have a laid back attitude and do away with the initiative. Better you start preparing for the next season – Spring.

Apply Fertilizers In The Lawn

If you have already applied the compost in the garden, then it is excellent. The next step would be adding fertilizer, and it will add up nutrient to the sprawling green. You can take the advice of a professional regarding the perfect fertilizer for your lawn.

Keep The Young Plants Safe

The hard, cold winter can have a destructive effect on young plants. So, it would help if you will take some action to protect them.  Wrap them in polythene to keep them safe during the wet weather and guard them with a wire netting structure to keep away the wind from harming them.

Plant The Bulbs In The Fall

Some of the best flowering plants of spring can be grown by planting the bulbs. It is essential to plant them in fall. So, pay a visit to the garden centre and pick the saplings based on the colours and the types you like.  Burying them at depth, 2-3 times their size is a rule of thumb. Nurture them well, and by spring you will have a garden brimming with joy.

If you are busy, then the best option for you will be availing professional support. Lawinds is one of the best landscaping service providers in Reigate. You can completely trust them for any requirement of garden service in Reigate. They will ensure you with a welcome respite to joyfully admire the beauty of your garden.


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